Antiques & Fine Furnishings 

Nothing is "too far gone" for our expertise!

Our services include, duplicating missing pieces, restoring chipped or loose veneer, repairing structural damage, and reversing any previous "poor repairs".

We take the up-most precautions in retaining the value of your antiques and offer you several options such as light cleanings and touch ups, resurfacing your existing finish, or ,if necessary, a complete refinish depending on the condition of your antique and your desired expectations.

In addition to complete restorations, we also offer several options for all your fine furnishings. These services include, removal of light surface scratches, cosmetic touch-ups of nicks and gouges, and complete color changes. 


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We at Martin's Classic Restorations take pride in our expert ability to restore not only your most valuable antiques, but also any fine furnishings offered in todays market.

Whether it's an old rocker or an antique secretary that's been stored for years, or a fairly new dining set that is starting to look "tired", we can bring it back to its original glory for you to enjoy!